Shri Sathya Sai Baba has beautifully quoted, "If human values take root in the educational system, the emerging individuals will have the following attributes: they will want peace & justice in a world that acknowledges the rule of law and in which no nation or individual need live in fear; freedom and self reliance to be available to all; the dignity & work of every person to be recognized & safeguarded; all people to be given an opportunity to achieve their best in life; and they will seek equality before the law and the equality of opportunity for all."

Apart from regular curricular activities for the students of the Trust, we also conduct coaching classes for SSLC, Computer Training classes for the needy students in surrounding villages at free of cost.

And also we have adopted a few villages and do Grama Seva to improve the over-all life-style of the people live in villages, focusing on spiritual, cleanliness, purification of drinking water etc.

  1. Coaching Classes for SSLC students
  1. Computer Training for Unemployed youth

  1. Grama Seva at Nallacheruvu