Prayer Hall

Prayer Hall and Swamis Residence

During the year 2003, Bhagavan blessed us to construct Auditorium cum Prayer Hall.

On June 7th 2004, while Swamy returning from Brindavan to Parthy visited the Ashram and inaugurated the residence of Swamy!

On 18th Feb 2006 Swami blessed the Auditorium. Swami also blessed us to start a College of Education (B.Ed) for women and to start job oriented technical courses for the rural unemployed youth.

Prayer Hall (Auditorium) …..
Usually our Swami’s symbol represents all the major religions of the world. Our trust name is Sri Sarva Dharma Samanvaya Trust. Sarva Dharma Samanvaya means harmony of all religions; hence, it stuck us to construct a building depicting the unity of all religions. Accordingly, this auditorium is designed, if one looks from the front side it looks like a Chinese Pagoda or as a Church, from northeast it looks like Sikh Guru dwara, from north-west looks like Japanese Pagoda, from west looks like Puri Jagannath temple, from south-west looks like a Mosque and from south-east looks like Jain temple. Similarly inside the auditorium also one can see the same.